OBD Car Tracker Plug & Play GPS

Car tracking is the need on the hour, and motorists certainly want their car safe. When people try to find these devices, there are various options available already in the market. This is not concerning the brand, however the various categories options can put one in a dilemma. Here is a detailed description in the types of trackers available on the market, and accordingly you are able to choose per your needs and convenience.

There are 3 sorts of trackers available on the market.

• Hardwired
• Portable

Hardwired Trackers

This sort of GPS trackers is good for monitoring an individual vehicle. These are mostly found in the vehicles of before 1996 the location where the OBD II ports were missing. It is preferred for the drivers who want to hide cellular phone for greater security. The electrical system on the vehicle is needed for power, and there is no ought to charge the product manually.

Portable Devices

These are great for individuals to use on their cars, and who travel oftener. This is a real-time tracker that accommodates the necessity of many users. These are modern devices, along with the accessories are in the package just like a micro USB cable, lanyard and waterproof case.

OBD Plug and Play Chargers

This is an ideal choice for tracking not only an individual vehicle but a fleet of vehicles. Using the OBD car tracker has lots of advantages for your users.
• The installation is straightforward, and yes it takes just a few seconds, say about 30 to 45 seconds.
• The plug and play live tracking device may be fitted for the OBD II port from the car’s dashboard.
• There is no have to charge this gadget manually.
• Telematics is captured immediately, plus the same is informed for the fleet owner. This helps owners to ensure that your vehicle is safe, and away from troubles.
• Any misuse of vehicles will probably be notified without the need of delays to you.

Apart on the market advantages, many features are alluring regarding the OBD plug and play tracking device.

• The operating expenses are reduced, since the shortest routes might be chosen.
• The company’s productivity is usually increased since the employer might still oversee in the event the employees are misusing the vehicles.
• The vehicles could be effectively monitored around the clock, and also the money saving is done easy, as fuel consumption is lowered.
• With the OBD car tracking device the automobile utilization is maximized.
• The field staff might be managed effortlessly, and corrective actions as much as required may be taken.
• Route planning may be done with no trouble.
• The exact location in the vehicle is usually traced at virtually any point of time.
• Dispatch inaccuracies will never happen, because vehicles is usually tracked for many reasons behind the delay.
• Administration account is single and managing the same is not hard and non-complicated.


Finding the best OBD port is crucial, and then for a few vehicles, this can not be compatible. But weighed against the downsides in the hardwired devices such as the requirement of an automobile electrician to fix the product, and the unit being not portable, the disadvantages in the plug and play products are negligible.

Benefits of Car Cameras

Be it the house, business, or family; you mostly want complete to protect each one among them! You take appropriate measures in your own home, select hotels with apt security arrangements, and many others. So, why to depart your car unprotected? Yes! You can safeguard your car or truck with a dash cam or even a car camera.

Justifying its name, a vehicle camera sticks about the dashboard or for the windscreen and records everything inside & about the car. The dash camera not merely helps in providing evidence regarding an accident, but in addition proves to be beneficial in many other ways.

Here is really a deeper advice about the uses in the dash cams:

Offer Proofs in case there is a Car Accident

Worried around the other party changing their story in front with the police? Well, then dashboard cameras may come to your rescue. These cameras provide authentic and relevant evidence with regards to car accidents. They help to leave any false allegations and would enable the truth be proven to everyone.

Knows who dinged your Car

Finding your loved one car scratched by someone from the parking lot can be a nightmare. A dash camera is the ideal equipment to find out exactly who did that damage on your vehicle. Whether it was the task of a neighbor or some untrained driver struggling to park his car, there is little change be left hidden.

Who’s playing the Insurance Game?

Some drivers or perhaps pedestrians intentionally do accidents so as to claim that fat accident insurance. This thing not just affects insurance providers at large, but in addition takes its toll on honest car drivers! So, dash cams can component of to prove who’s responsible!

Faster Insurance Claims Processing

While filing insurance claims, each party speaks up their very own story and infrequently embellishes the reality to support their point. However, supreme quality video surveillance can produce the true facts and then there won’t be any delay inside your claim processing and you will probably get paid soon.

Check for Vehicle abuse or misuse

When we lend our car with other people, our system is never peaceful. The idea of reckless driving or some other form of vehicle abuse keeps haunting us. Getting dash cams can give the exact account from the way your car or truck was treated. Dash cameras with built-in GPS could also record speed together with street routes.

Set the Careless Drivers Right

Each considered one of us encounters rash driving cases while moving within the roads. And, reporting about these bad drivers is very important, but one can’t practice it without a proof. Dash cams will help in such matters and forestall the case from going cold.

Travel Diaries

The car cameras aren’t just meant to collect proofs; in truth, you are able to capture some beautiful things in your dash cam. You can document your journey; capture something weird, amazing or special you could possibly come across on a trip. So, having these surveillance cameras in your car or truck can also be fun!

The Bottom Line

To sum everything up, a motor vehicle camera can be a highly beneficial investment. Not only is it cost-effective, but additionally designed to cater for your security requirements. You can simply install these cameras within the dashboard or even the windshield inside a few seconds, all because of their suction cup, and begin video monitoring instantly.

Moreover, there is usually a wide array of dash cameras available and you are able to select much like your budget or needs!

Satellite Navigation

When you would like to use your satellite navigation to obtain to in places you want to go have you thought of in which you should place it while driving around.

One area that folks seem to position the satellite navigation reaches the top of their windscreen in the actual centre, perhaps you have thought how dangerous that may be as that you are limiting in places you can see, if you input it anywhere on the window screen it will at some point distract you as you wish to know the very best along the street.

People are not aware where it will go legally as a lot of people think , nor read where it ought to go.

While driving the right position for ones satellite navigation is with the bottom right-hand corner of the windscreen, in this field you have a many more vision from the road ahead.

Just think in case you were to place it somewhere else how could this lessen your vision and are you able to see, could you see all angles for virtually any hazards that may come your way.

So what can be the best place for ones satellite navigation device? For me, the absolute right place is not to possess one but to plan your trip before hand. Look at the good old-fashioned map book plan a route you are taking and also plan other routes for virtually every traffic problems or should you get lost on the way you are doing. If you think you might be lost pull over in a secure place and look at your faithful map.

Things which have happened before with just relying on the satellite are often very bad, from carrying out a satellite and never looking at your surroundings then driving your car or truck into a lake. This person had not been looking with the windscreen he was taking a look at the device which told him there seemed to be no lake. But this lake was created only a few months ago along with the satellite programmers had no idea it had been there if the did the final update.

So please do not forget that the satellite navigation are not able to see an up to the minute view on the road ahead. You must generally look through your windscreen while driving on the road as that is the way you’ll always see precisely what is in front of you. If you might be unsure about how precisely to use the satellite navigation then plan your route before , nor use one.

Online Vehicle Merchandising

Digitization is gaining momentum and expanding across borders and continents. With buyers spending never ending hours on the internet gathering all the details they are able to, there is absolutely no denying the fact they are now considerably more aware compared to what they ever were. To cope with the increasing customer awareness, marketers should modify their strategies and change where did they position and display their items. They must bring every component of their inventory above the fold. They ought to know what drives sales. A simple list of changes today can have a huge affect your sales several months down the line.

Slowly selling inventory is really a pain for each and every automotive dealer and it is something everybody has encountered one or more times. Keeping the inventory moving is utterly essential. And how can you that? You bring the items to the customers but not the other way round. For every vehicle with your dealership, there are many buyers on the market and it’s up-to that you go out and discover their whereabouts. If not you, at the least hyper-targeted advertisements can. Take an omni-channel marketing approach and distribute internal listings across highly trafficked websites like Facebook. Further, specifically discuss the buyers moving into close proximity for a dealership. These personalized advertisements deliver extremely relevant traffic for your VDPs. With various solutions available nowadays, you’re able to create dynamic advertisements dependant on intended buyer’s particular Google searches. Since the ads aren’t pre- designed and determined by the information the buyers are trying to find, they tend to be more fitting and enhance the click-through rate.

When people land on Vehicle Display pages, ensure that they do not leave empty handed. Simply put, VDPs must be engaging enough because buyers generally very cramped attention spans. They would not hover around your blog if they don’t find the things they came for. Some important areas to consider:

Do not use stock photographs
Make certain your inventory is priced. Enquiry increase around 381% when inventories are listed with prices. Modern inventory pricing tools can be quite helpful in ascertain the right price.
Use consistent and high-resolution photos.
Videos certainly are a rage: Buyers seeing their next vehicle is motion is incredibly powerful.

The power to take a virtual tour close to the vehicle elevates dealership visits by 49%.

The leads you have from the VDPs ought to be converted into messages or calls and E-mails. And then comes the key part that may be dealership visit. Now this process involves people more than technology. Your sales are just as good as your hired employees. Your staff needs to become productive, technical, detail-oriented and dependent. It’s preferred which you hire the appropriate people instead of spending time grooming them. Put yourself in the buyer’s position and strive to make that experience as unique and since special as is possible.