Android Navigation Head Unit

Does your factory car stereo look plain and boring or even it lacks important features including navigation? Outdated car stereos don’t serve a great deal of purpose. Most of them lack navigation systems and play only radio and CD music. Upgrade your factory car stereo through an Android aftermarket navigation head unit to have the best of modern tools.

Replace your outdated head unit for much more high-tech functionality. Automotive satnav systems are an important part of today’s modern vehicles but try not to worry, there’s no need to buy a fresh car for these particular commodities. The aftermarket provides a variety of multimedia Android head units, which can be convenient devices and permit you to connect your Android phone in your dash and control many of the most important features. With an Android head unit, it is possible to play music, use Google Maps navigation that is far more advanced compared to basic BMW navigation, call someone and send messages.

Having an Android head unit has a lot of advantages.

This isn’t just a typical car stereo, we have been talking about a multi-functional device that may make your car or truck rides pleasant and relaxing. Your Android phone is linked to the dash via USB which will not mirror every app you’ve on the device. Only the apps which can be authorized by Google Play could be visible on the unit as a consequence of drivers’ safety regulations. You will be able to make use of Google Maps like a reliable navigation system as well as play the guitar from your phone’s database.

The audio experiences the USB which will not damage the products sound like Bluetooth does. The second most significant feature after navigation will be the hands free cell phone calls. Making calls while driving is just not recommended, unless you’ve got an Android head unit which allows you to definitely talk hands-free. This is important on your safety in addition to the safety of others around the road.

The downsides and the way to deal with them

The aftermarket supplies a variety of Android unit models with phone interface which is easy to navigate, even when driving. Replacing your factory car stereo might cause that you lose many of the factory features like steering wheel audio control, satellite radio, Bluetooth integration systems and rear seat entertainment systems.

The secret’s to choose a compatible head unit off of the aftermarket which will provide you while using features you intend to keep. Depending on which feature you intend to keep, you have got to get an appropriate adapter. We can take tire audio controls as one example because it is among the basic features that everybody wants to preserve. In this case, try to find a tyre audio control adapter plus a navigation unit that’s compatible with this adapter. In today’s aftermarket, you will find tons of head units together with the SWI (tire input). It is important to seek out this specific feature because otherwise your mind unit might cost a few commodities. Other than that, there just isn’t a single reason you shouldn’t upgrade your vehicle through an aftermarket head unit.

It is perhaps more affordable than buying brand-new wheels and together with the aftermarket you may get a high-tech Android head unit at the fair price and leave behind the old factory car stereo.

The author Linda H Lee established fact for all sorts of aftermarket navigation units with Android systems, which can be available for pretty much all car brands such BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many others.